Nutritional Transformation Program

 Nutritional Transformation 

This program will assess:
where you are at
where you would like to be 
After our assessment, we will create a program around the actions required to get you to your goals on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The program will also take you through the Re-Creation structure to help assist you to identify any hidden obstacles that could be keeping you stuck and that may interfere with your success in reaching your desired goals.

This Program Includes

The initial consultation followed by weekly coaching calls.

Daily check ins

Menu plan and recipes

Fitness instructions tailored to your specific personality

Education on becoming chemical free in the home and on the body.

Possible supplement recommendations

Access to a supportive facebook page

Access to videos on cooking and making chemical free products.

Do you want to live life more powerfully and with increased love and passion.

Hear what people are saying…

Jacqui Davis coached 5 participants over a period of 4 months during the Self Expression and Leadership Program of the Landmark Curriculum for Living. During that time, Jacqui was never reluctant to take herself on in service of the people she was coaching. She was open, courageous and unfailingly committed to making a difference to those around her. Her style of coaching is seeped in her compassion for humanity and the need, during the coaching process, to hold those around her to account. Not only this, she makes coaching fun! I would not hesitate to have her coach with or for me again. D.M.

Jacqui was my coach on the self-expression and leadership program in Landmark Education. The first thing I noticed about her is how warm, friendly and welcoming she was with her students. I believe that Jacqui helps people sincerely from the bottom of her heart. She would spend more time coaching me than was required by the program. She supported me all the way with my journey of creating a community project. Moreover, it was so easy to relate with and trust her which allowed me to be honest and open. Jacqui has enormously contributed to my development and life progress and I am thankful for that. Julia K.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Jacqui more highly.
The program I joined (not Jacqui‘s) was fraught with teething problems but Jacqui alone made the experience positive and rewarding. She has an endless bank of knowledge and ideas in regards to nutrition, health, essential oils, supplements and exercise.
In my opinion, Jacqui‘s greatest strength is support.
It was unwavering and was the sole reason my journey was successful.
Jacqui checked in regularly & was supportive but not over bearing. She was quick to reply no matter what my question and had alternative and ideas at the ready to assist which made a poorly run program actually beneficial, productive and successful.
I would highly recommend Jacqui to anyone.
I will most definitely be ultilising her in the future as her support, kindness and approachability in addition to her wealth of knowledge are key to success in my future health and weight loss journey.
I wish her an abundance of success
Fiona T.

Get To Know Me


I am Jacqui Davis. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and moved to Australia at the age of 29.

Often, throughout my life, I struggled with depression and digestive issues. When these issues began to overtake my life, it sent me on my journey into the study of health and wellness. In the past 10 years I have received a certificate in Nutrition through the Beck Institute and then studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I earned a qualificationas an Integrative Health Coach. I have been running workshops on a variety of topics within health and wellness, such as fermentation, gut health, raw and paleo cooking and living chemical free. I am also CEO of my own network marketing business.

As someone who struggled most of my life with varying degrees of depression, I spent a lot of time reading self-help books and attending many different forms of therapy to which there was never really much breakthrough. I then began my journey in 2015 with Landmark Education which is an extensive self-development program. It was in this program that I discovered the blind spots that had me stuck in life and that were at the source of my depression and digestive issues. It was in the discovery of these stories, which I had created from my past circumstances, stories that I once hated and wished that I could change, that would, in fact, lead me to my purpose and my role as a Re-Creation Coach. It has been through my own transformation and understanding of these stories that I realized that I could, in fact, make a difference in the lives of those dealing with similar issues.

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Transformational Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Can't Afford The Program?
Money is simply an exchange of value for value. This is an investment in your life, this is the opportunity to breakthrough the stories that have prevented you from earning the income that can create freedom, can you afford not to?

How Long Are The Sessions?
Our initial sessions is 15-30 minutes

Our 2nd session is a 2 hour call or meeting

Our 3rd session is 45 minutes

Within these sessions we can have a look at what is there for you around time and assist you in discovering how to create a bigger plate as opposed to trying to pile too much on it.

What if the program doesn't work and I don't transform in anything?
I can assure you that the moment you register the work begins and that you will transform at least one area of your life. We can also have more sessions if you feel it is necessary and these sessions will cost an additional $50 per session.