Have you ever considered the impact of a smile.

The other day I was taking a train in Canada. It was the first time I was on this type of train. I was excited and when i sat down and settled in I couldn’t help but smile. Then when I smiled I became aware for the first time how the smile seemed to release in me a really uplifting energy. This awareness of how great I felt when I smiled created in me a desire to research more on the power of the smile. I wanted to know if there was scientific research on this topic,  I am a need to know why kind of person and so therefore research and analyze everything.

Then I thought I would create my own research. I would just begin to try to smile more and see how it affects me.

Sure enough, whenever I remember to smiie I instantly feel better all over, I feel lighter and funny enough, almost every time I smile, my body seems to let out a sigh…like a letting go.

I am now asking you to join me in this self study.

I ask you to smile and time it for at least 30 seconds-1 minute and observe what is going on. What is happening in your mind and in your body. Also try to smile more, so every time you think about it, SMILE. See if it makes a changing impact. Follow this with smiling more at others. If you notice an impact within yourself share that by creating others to also smile, giving them that moment of release from whatever they may be experiencing.

Please share your feedback in the comments or email it to me at jacqui@jacquidavis.com.au.