I attended a Symposium for Young Living, the wellness company I am a distibutor for on the weekend.

This company have a foundation called the D. Gary Young Foundation. The foundation supports;

There was a talk on the work being achieved by these organisations and one in particular really hit me hard. This was the Hope for Justice. You can have a look at the work they do at the link below. What really got me was when they talked about the youngest girl to be brought through their lighthouse program being only 1 years old. A 1 year old baby being used as a sex slave. This brought tears to my eyes and I can’t even allow myself to imagine this. Having a daughter myself the mere thought of girls being sold into sex slavery makes me feel extremely ill.

I am asking and URGING you to please offer some financial support as a way of doing your part in stopping these dark, evil and painful acts from occurring to young girls. The D. Gary Young Foundation do not use any of the monies donated for administration work, 100% of the monies donated go directly to the cause.

You can see information and the work that is done by the Foundation at the link below. If you cannot donate financially there are other ways to help such as fundraising, volunteering etc. I just know that if we wake up as a collective and do even a small part to make changes we can make a difference in creating a better world for all to live in!