I was feeling in the mood for another tasty healing juice this morning. I saw a beautiful recipe in Julie Rodwell’s book “The Complete Book of Raw Food” called Morning Glory which was simply oranges and a pomegranate. I have added the kale as I always struggle to eat enough dark greens and I find adding them to juice is a tasty way to get them in as they really don’t change the flavor of the juice at all.

I used 2 oranges, 1 pomegranate and about 5 leaves of kale, juiced them in my juicer and this gave me enough for two cups (they were strong enough to water down and make yet another cup).

The Pomegranate has many great health benefits a few being;

Helps lower cholesterol
Higher antioxidants than any other fruit
Helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s
Helps provide oxygen to the heart
Helps to prevent blood from clotting, aiding in the prevention of atherosclerosis 
A diabetic friendly sugar
Helps prevent cartilage deterioration therefore preventing osteoarthritis
Removes plaque from the teeth helping to strengthen them
+++ more and more

Benefits of oranges;
High levels of vitamin C
Provides vitamin B 
Helps lift moods
Anti inflammatory 
Protects skin from free radicals
Promotes healthy breast tissue

The Benefits of Kale are;
Provide vitamins K, A and C
High antioxidants
Helps lower cholesterol
High fibre
Helps prevent many types of cancer
Anti inflammatory
A great detoxifier

Now you have absolutely NO EXCUSE not to make this juice and don’t worry you will not regret it as it is super delicious. If you have never tried pomegranate before it tastes like a very sweet cranberry. 

Also if you do not have a juicer you can juice the oranges and pomegranate with a lemon squeezer and it just means you will have to eat your kale and reap the benefits of the fibre! hehe