I am 46 years old and recently started to feel as though I was having a break down.

Suddenly I was dealing with extreme exhaustion, anxiety, mood swings, bouts of tears for no real reason and night sweats. I thought I must have had a bug, glandular fever or chronic fatique. After doing blood, urine and feces tests it came up that I was in great health except my hormones showed that I was entering menopause.

Wow, all that I was experiencing was simply my hormones changing. I decided to do some research into perimenopause to see how I was going to get through this because I didn’t know how I would continue to cope with the emotional rollercoaster I was riding.

After sitting in a womens circle about peri-menopause and menopause I learned that most women experience the same symptoms during this period in their lives. One of the biggest offerings that was given was to ride with it. Resistance makes the journey much more difficult. It was good to understand that what I was experiencing was very normal and common.

I decided to share this with others in the hopes to assist in educating women in both understanding of the symptoms and ways in which to make this transition in our lives much less daunting and painful.

What I will share here is my journey so far on this path and I remind you that each one of us is different and what works for me may not work for you and what is most important is to learn to listen to your own body and honour what it speaks.

After visiting my doctor and discovering that all of my symptoms were being caused by an imbalance in my hormones I set out on a google search to see how I could naturally bring balance back to my body. After researching I began to trial three natural products with great success.

The first product I used was Clary Sage Essential Oil which is noted for assisting in the balancing of hormones and its affects as an antidepressant.

The second product came highly recommended by my sister-in-law who says it works so well that her husband will know when she has missed it. This one is called Remifemin and contains Black Cohosh which has phytoestrogens and therefore mimics oestrogen in the body assisting with lowering the symptoms of menopause.

The third product is simply Gingko Biloba tea which also contains phytoestrogens.

Since taking these products I have found that my symptoms have reduced to nearly none. I cannot be sure as to which product is the most affect as I have so much more energy and feel so good that I do not want to remove any one of these products from my daily regime.

Next I would discover that each lady that I spoke to who had been through menopause all said that they needed to stay away from stimulants. Things like coffee, chocolate, alcohol and sugar would all set off their symptoms. Avoiding these stimulants greatly increased their ability to function and their moods and energy levels.

Another important step on this journey for me has been self nurture. Creating a list of all of the things that bring me peace and joy and allowing myself time to fulfil on the things on that list. For example when I am feeling low I listen to Juzzie Smith, his music is incredibly uplifting and his lyrics always positive. Within seconds I have changed my emotional state.

If you have or are experiencing peri-menopause or menopause please get that first of all you are normal and second there are steps that can be taken to alleviate and reduce many of these symptoms.

Most importantly take time to nurture yourself and ride the wave and don’t fight it. You are amazing and doing an amazing job and on the other side of menopause I am told life begins!