“When I began to have a mad, passionate love affair with my own life, the rest fell perfectly into place.” Katrina Mayer


Can you remember a time when you were a child and you would say “When I grow up I am going to be…” What was it you said you were going to be? And…did you become that? If not…why not?
Today, we live in a world that just keeps getting busier and full of distractions, it can be so easy to lose ourselves…to get caught up in the rat race and doing that which fits into the main stream way of thinking. For many they have forgotten who they are, what brings them passion and what they truly value.
I ask you these questions, perhaps get a piece of paper, a canvas or a journal and jot down your answers. What makes you feel alive? What are your core values? Now when you look at the answers are these things present in your life? If so well done! If not…consider why not? What is stopping you from fulfilling on these areas.
Are these passions and values included on your weekly schedule?
My dear friend, Rah Poolman once suggested considering my core values, the things that were most important to me and put those things onto my weekly schedule first, then once they were in place fill in the rest of the week with the other things that needed to happen.
I’ll tell you what, after doing this life began to work.
So I urge you to go out and be the person you came here to be! Don’t let this economic, chaotic world take away your passion.
Gardeners, pick up your gloves and make that magic happen…artists, pick up your brush and let it move once again over your canvas…writers, find yourself a majestic place in nature and return your pen to paper!
Whoever you are and whatever you desire…GO, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Many Blessings to you in the process!