I did a workshop on Saturday about Herbal Remedies from the garden. It was so exciting to learn of all the different herbs and plants (even weeds) and their purposes in healing. The two photos above are of the Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa) plant. As you can see this plant has an absolutely gorgeous flower with a beautiful red fruit.

 The Rosella is good for … colds, opening blocked nose, clearing mucous, as an astringent, promoting proper kidney function, helping digestion, as a general tonic, as a diuretic, helping to reduce fever and reducing Blood pressure.

 We took about 8 of the beautiful red fruit and steeped them for about 15 minutes in boiled water with some fresh grated ginger and was honestly one of the nicest tasting teas I have ever enjoyed. You can bet I will be finding some room in my garden for these!