As I observe nature I am always intrigued by it’s intricacies. This is a Rosella flower. I believe I counted 48 seeds from this one flower. Each seed has the ability to produce an entire plant yielding several flowers. Wow! Man should never need to starve as we have the ability to sustain ourselves, we just need to go back to practising it. 

So think about seedless fruits, sure they may be nicer on the palette but what about reproduction…hmmm…something to think about!

Here are two great salad recipes. Very simple yet delicious. 

Salad 1;

spring onion
chilli paste (or just a chopped fresh chilli)
lime juice
sesame oil
toasted sesame seeds (not necessary to toast the seeds)

Salad 2;

red onion
cranberries (dried)
sunflower seeds
squeeze of orange as the dressing