I was out in my garden the other day I was pondering the possibility of the benefits of my coffee trees? Surely I could use the leaves and beans in making compost. (as the coffee making process was way too tedious for my liking).

I couldn’t find any information on using coffee tree leaves for compost but sure enough I discovered that you can make coffee tea from drying and roasting the leaves. It is high in antioxidants, has high anti-inflammatory properties and is much lower in caffeine than both coffee and green tea. I was so  excited to find yet another free source of sustenance out in my garden.

So I headied straight out into the garden and picked myself a basketful of leaves, sundried them and then dry toasted the leaves in a cast iron frying pan.

Voila, it was delicious. Tasted similar to green tea but without the bitter after taste.

As I had also dried some orange slices as our trees gave us an overabundance this year I created a beautiful recipe of:

1tsp coffee leaves, 2 pieces of dried orange with peel, 1 piece of cinnamon stick and 5 cardamon pods.

This was delicious!