Hi, I’m Jacqui Davis

As a Re-Creation Coach I work with women, who after years of raising their children and caring for the family are looking to re-spark their passions but don’t know where to start. They are often left feeling stuck and like their chasing their tails. I assist them in discovering their blind spots so that they can re-write their stories and live their lives with restored confidence and enthusiasm to achieve their goals and dreams.

 I’m a Re-Creation Coach who loves assisting women to discover the blind spots that have been keeping them stuck.

Many clients come to me because after years of raising children and looking after the home, now that their children are older and more independent they are feeling lost and unsure what directions to take. They often feel frustrated, resigned and like they are chasing their tails but not really accomplishing anything. They are trying to redefine themselves or workout what their role is now.

I started this business because I observed so many women who were not living lives true to their desires and passions. They were feeling stuck but not getting results in all the places they were looking. My method blends discovery and action with a whole lot of distinctions which means I actually get results.

If your tired of chasing your tail and wondering if you will be frustrated and bored forever, it is time to take the future of your well being and happiness into your own hands. Re-ignite your passions and dreams. 

After working with me

* Know how to create the actions to full-fill on what matters most to you.

* Feel alive and inspired

* Become the person you always judge yourself against.


I think that I was always destined to become a coach. From an early age I would often say I wanted to become a tap dancing nurse. I believed that I could make people better by making them smile. 


Following years of reading self-help books and attending different therapies to try to build more confidence and joy in my life I attended a self-development program called the landmark curriculum for living. While in this program I discovered that I had stories that I had created about myself at a young age and that these stories  were behind everything that wasn’t working in my life. I could then see that the timeline I called life that I once hated and wished I could change was in fact my purpose here on this earth. That is was my story and my journey that would lead me to assist and empower other women who were on similar paths. That I could assist them because I could relate to and understand what they are going through.


As with the Re-Creation after years of digestive issues I was forced to try many different diets and research and read on health and wellness. This eventually lead to my studies in Nutrition and as an Integrative Health Coach. I felt that my experiences once again led me to develop the skills to be able to understand and support others on similar journey’s.