Every New Year I like to look back at the year passed and ponder what went well, what didn’t, what I was grateful for and what I learned that year. Then I like to create or look at what I would like to take on in myself in the New Year ahead.

So hear it is! 2019 and needless to say one of my desires to be more structured and on top of things this year is already seeing me write this New Years vision in the middle of February! LOL Okay so I am only human!

My goals for 2019 are;

  • Create structure in my life – How does this look for me?

1* First I create a vision board. For me I like to create it in the form of a Mind Map. It starts by writing a heading (such as Garden, Home, Work etc.) and circling it. Then I draw lines coming out of the circle and create within sub circles all the things I wish to get done in that area. I continue this for each area in my life.

2* I create a weekly schedule. In doing this I always start with the things I value most or the things that bring me most passion. Then I add in all the other things that need to be done. When we do what we love or what brings us passion first than it fills our cup and everything else is much easier to get done.

3* I then take that weekly list and each evening take a look at my mindmap and create a to do list for the next day. I thrive well on having a to do list that I can tick off as I complete each task. All of this can be done on your phone in calendar or different organisational apps but for me I am a visual person and like paper forms of this. I like it in front of me and laid out.

Here are samples of what this looks like for me in each stage.

  • Work on strengthening my communication skills. Be clear with what I want…say what I really mean…and think before speaking.
  • Look in everything I do where I can be grateful.
  • Be much kinder to myself and speak with much more positivity. Where I catch myself being negative (eg. saying I’m tired or have a headache etc) change the way of speaking to a positive statement. Focusing on what is great instead of what is not working!

So that is me for 2019.

What are your visions or desires for growth in 2019?